• GrassMaster of Wake County Lawn Top Dressing

  • Lawn Top Dressing Special!

    GrassMaster of Wake County is excited to offer a new Special this Fall - From now until the End of October, We're offering 10% off Top Dressing, Core Aeration and OverSeeding! 

    Details of our Lawn Top Dressing Program:

    GrassMaster of Wake County  will perform the following Services on your Lawn:

    • Core Aeration - Our State of the Art Core Aeration machine provides great penetration and will open up your soil.

    • OverSeeding - We will Overseed your lawn using High Quality Tall Fescue Grass Seed.

    • Lawn Top Dressing - Compost is applied to your lawn at a depth of 1/4" to 1/2"

    What is Lawn Top Dressing: 

    Lawn Top Dressing is the process of adding a thin layer of Top Soil onto your lawn, which helps improves the quality of your soil, without killing your existing grass. We start off using our Mechanical Core Aerator which removes plugs from your soil which leaves holes that water, air and Top Dressing soil can penetrate.  Next we will Overseed your lawn using our Tall Fescue Grass Seed, which will improve the density and appearance of your lawn, as well as fill in any bare spots that may exist.  Then we will apply organic Top Soil to the lawn, which will work into your soil and also help level out any lumps or irregularities in your soil.

    Benefits of Lawn Top Dressing:

    • Improving your Soil structure
    • Leveling out uneven spots in your lawn
    • Reduced need for supplemental fertilizers
    • Improve drainage and drought resistance of your Grass


    When should Lawn Top Dressing be done:

    GrassMaster of Wake County  recommends that Fescue lawn Aeration and Top Dressing be done in the early Fall to be most effective in our climate.  Warm season lawn ( Bermuda, Zoysia,and Centipede)  Aeration and Top Dressing should be done in late spring once if turns green and is actively growing.



  • Interested in Learning More?

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