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    A beautiful lawn is more than just well cut grass.  It is a combination of well cared for lawn, thoughtfully placed trees and plants and outdoor living spaces.  GrassMaster of Wake County has been specializing in Custom Landscaping since 2002.  With our local knowledge, we know what works well with our Soil and Temperature, and what doesn't.  Let us help you design and build the landscape of your dreams.

    Creating a beautiful yard that your whole family will enjoy will also add to your home's value.  Some estimates show that a well landscaped property, can contribute upwards of 20% to your home's value, so it's an investment that pays off!

    Some of the Landscaping Areas that GrassMaster of Wake County specializes in are:

    • Shade and flowing trees
    • Planting Beds
    • Shrubbery and plants
    • Hardscape Elements - such as patios, walkways and retaining walls.

    We offer free consultation and quote, so give us a call today at (919) 796-1633, or Email Us and let's discuss your next Landscaping Project!