• Overseeding Your Lawn

  • Lawn OverSeeding and Why It's Important

    What is Lawn Overseeding?

    Lawn Overseeding is the process of spreading grass seed over an already existing lawn, without tearing it up.  It's a simple way to improve the density of your turf, enhance your lawn's color, fill in bare spots or change the variety of grass in your yard.

    What are the Benefits of Lawn Overseeding?

    • Filling in lawn bare spots that have been damaged by Summer Heat, Disease or Insects
    • Improving the color and appearance of your lawn
    • Enhancing your lawn's ability to fight disease and insects
    • Increasing the thickness and density of your lawn
    • Reduction in the amount of Fertilizer, Water and Pesticides required to maintain your lawn

    How is Lawn Overseeding Done?

    Lawn Overseeding can be accomplished using either a mechanical slit-seeder or broadcast spreader.  Slit-seeding is generally more effective than applying seed via a broadcast spreader, as the seed delivered by a split-seeder is deposited directly into the soil.  A broadcast spreader has a tendency for the seed to get caught in the thatch layer of your grass, and also requires more Grass Seed to effectively be delivered.  Regardless of the type of delivery method used, it's advisable to perform Lawn Core Aeration prior to Overseeding.

    When is the Best Time to Overseed a Lawn?

    In North Carolina, as in most parts of the country, Fall is the best time to Overseed your Lawn.Temperature and Soil condition are at the optimal point for Seed Germination and Growth.  Because Weed Competition is less at this time, the grass seedlings have a better environment to grow and develop.  Prior to Overseeding, it's important also that you perform Lawn Core Aeration to help get the seed, nutrients and water deep into your soil.

    If you're thinking about Overseeding your Lawn, give GrassMaster of Wake County a call at (919) 796-1633, or Email Us.  We have the professional equipment and experience to do the job right the first time.  We look forward to hearing from you!