• Lawn Aeration – What Is It and Why It’s Important

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    As the Weather cools, our grass is recovering from the harsh impact of the Summer.  Now is the time to build strong roots for the next season.  Lawn Aeration is a vital part of lawn maintenance as it allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate built up thatch or grass.  Aerating your lawn in the Fall, will help promote a beautiful, healthy lawn for the Summer.

    What is Lawn Aeration?

     Lawn Aeration is the process of perforating your soil with small holes, which allows water, air and nutrients to penetrate your grass.  This can be done using either Manual or Mechanical Devices.  Typically a lawn will respond best to core holes that are close and deep, usually 3/4 to 4 inches in depth is the best.

    Who Should Aerate Their Lawn?

     While most every homeowner's lawn will benefit from Aeration, some need it more than others.  Here are some quick guidelines to see if you should start a lawn core aeration program:

    • Does your yard get a lot of use by pets or children?  If so, this contributes to soil compaction which will inhibit the water and nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass.  Aerating will help solve this, and create a healthy grass system.
    • Does your lawn feel spongy?  if so, this may mean you have an accumulation of Thatch, which will also prevent your lawn from receiving all of the water and nutrients it needs to be healthy.  
    • Was your lawn established as part of a newly constructed home?  Typically grass that has been planted as part of new construction is seeded on soil that has been compacted by the construction equipment.  This soil compaction will affect the amount of nutrients and water that will reach your grass roots.  Aeration will open up the soil, and allow your grass roots to receive the nutrients they need to thrive.

    When Should Lawn Aeration be Done?

    Lawn Aeration can be performed in both the Spring and Fall Months.  In North Carolina, homeowners will benefit from aerating their lawns during between August and November.  Aerating a lawn prior to the application of fertilizers will enhance your lawn's root growth, as well as improve spring Green-up and growth.  It is best to avoid aerating your lawn during the warm season, as this can encourage weed growth.

    Why Should You Should Choose a Professional to Aerate Your Lawn?

    While lawn aeration can be a DIY job, it's often best to choose a professional Lawn Care Company, like GrassMaster of Wake County.  Using our Professional Core Aerator, we're able to remove soil plugs in the lawn that are closely spaced, and deep (up to  4 inches).  The deeper, and more closely spaced the cores are, the more effective the aeration process will be, and the healthier your lawn will become.  Remember, after aeration, it's important to continue basic lawn care - such as Fertilizing, Mowing and Watering.

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