• Fall Lawn Care Tips

    The Hot Summer months play havoc with your Lawn.  From the brutal heat that we get in Central North Carolina, to kids and animals running and playing on it, your Soil and Lawn take a pounding.  Fall is the time to rebuild and strengthen your lawn for next season by OverSeeding and Aerating.

    Why Aerating Your Lawn in the Fall is Important:

    Core Aerating allows your soil to breathe by relieving compaction, improves water filtration and also improves irrigation efficiency, all of which help the grass seed take root and grow strong.  This is accomplished using either Manual or Mechanical devices that remove cores of the soil, to allow the exchange of water and nutrients deep into the roots of your lawn.  Click to Read more about the Lawn Aeration Services that GrassMaster of Wake County provides.

    Benefits of OverSeeding Your Lawn in the Fall:

    OverSeeding is important, especially with the Fescue grass that is so popular in North Carolina.  During the summer months, our heat and disease can cause the grass to have bare, or thin spots which won't replenish on their own.  By overseeding your lawn in the Fall, the grass roots will take hold and use the 9 months until Summer to grow strong and deep - resulting in a beautiful lawn for you to enjoy in the warm summer months. Click to Read more about the Overseeding Services that GrassMaster of Wake County

    GrassMaster of Wake County recommends that Lawn Aerating and Overseeding be done each Fall, to help build your Lawn's roots and prepare for the upcoming summer months.  Please call us today at (919) 796-1633, or Email Us and let's discuss how to build and maintain your perfect lawn.